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Learning Your Manners 101

I know the proper,
"Phone Manners"

Tips and Tricks For Using
The Telephone Properly

    1. Always say, "Hello" when you answer the phone.
    2. Don't tell anyone when you are home alone.
    3. Don't answer questions that make you uncomfortable.
    4. If someone is not home take a message and write it down.
    5. Never yell in the phone. Always cover the phone before yelling for someone to come and get it.
    6. Don't chew gum or eat while talking to someone on the phone.
    7. Don't hang up abruptly. If you have to get off the phone quickly, excuse yourself and tell the person you will call them back as soon as you can and say, "Good Bye".
    8. If someone has dialed the wrong phone number tell them nicely and tell them it's OK. Say "Good Bye" and hang up.
    9. If you have a cold, wipe the phone receiver after you use it.
    10. Never hang up without saying, "Good Bye".
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