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Learning Your Manners 101

I know the proper,
"Table Manners"

Tips and Tricks For
Good Table Manners

    1. Never eat with your mouth open. No one wants to see or hear the food in your mouth.
    2. Don't talk with your mouth full. It is very rude.
    3. Don't stuff your mouth full of food or eat too quickly. You're not an animal.
    4. Eat with utensils unless you are being served finger food.
    5. Wait until everyone has sat down and has food before you start to eat.
    6. Don't reach over people's plates to get something. Ask for something to be passed to you.
    7. Don't slurp your food or pick your teeth at the table. It's just plain rude.
    8. Always use a napkin to wipe your mouth. And, don't use your napkin as a tissue.
    9. Do not blow your nose, fart or burp at the table. Excuse yourself to the bathroom to do these things.
    10. Always say thank you for the food and thank the host for having you over for dinner.

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