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Living as a child or youth in this society is not exactly the easiest thing in the world. There are many people out there that don't think about a child/youth's rights before they go and make up some policy, or decide on your punishment for coming in past curfew. Children and youth are not respected in a lot of ways, nor are they always treated as though they belong to their communities. If you have something to say about the way you are treated as a young person, sign this guestbook and leave your comment.

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If you know of any political organizations that you want to target to have them listen to what you have to say, and what others like you have to say, send them this URL:
Tell them to read the comments and next time they plan on making some policy that concerns you, they may ask for more input from youth. Remind them that although you may not be a tax payer at the moment, you will be one sooner then they realize. Let them know that at election time you will remember the ones that supported and believed in you.

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