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Did you know that Steve is going away to college? We wish Steve the best of luck in College.

Did you know that Steve has a cool brother named Joe? Joe and his friends will be moving in with Blue and all her friends!

Who Is Joe:

  • Joe is Steve's younger brother.
  • Joe is funny, friendly, inquisitive, and learning to play Blue's Clues.
  • Joe has a whimsical, preschool personality that is reflected in the many colored rugby shirts he wears.
  • He fumbles, giggles, and likes to be silly.
  • Joe has a sense of wonder and appreciates simple pleasures of preschool life - following sounds, playing with blocks and his kaleidoscope.

What's New - What's The Same:
  • A new opening song.
  • Titles for each episode will appear at the beginning of the show.
  • Joe has shirts in different colors.
  • Joe has a new notebook with a Thinking Chair design.
  • Joe loves squares (instead of stripes).
  • A new "We Just Figured Out Blue's Clues" song.
  • Same interactive format.
  • Playing Blue's Clues everyday.
  • The house and neighborhood.
  • Same animated characters.
  • Mail time.
  • Skidooing to new worlds and environments.
  • The Theme Song, Mail Song, and "Now It's Time for So Long" Song.

Blue's Clues Online: Joe will be introduced during a 90-minute special, airing April 29. Be sure to grab your plush Blue and watch the show!! Remember to welcome Joe with claps and "Whoo-whoo's". Joe will be nervous and needs your support.

Don't be sad for Steve. He is very excited about going away to college. Steve will stay in touch with Joe, Blue and all their friends.

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