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First Day Of School

It is your child's first day of school.
Are they ready for the transition?
Are you? Here are some resources
to help you.

Talking About First Day Jitters
Family Education helps you find the right words to use to help your child talk about their fears of the first day of school. For talking to ages 5-13

Preparing Your Child For The First Day Of School
This information mainly pertains to children going into kindergarten or preschool.

Quest - First Day Of School
This resources specifically targets kids with disabilities. It tells you how to prepare the teachers as well as the child.

First Day Of School Lesson Plans
Education World believes that ice breakers can warm up any student or teacher and get them ready.

First Day Online
Join thousands of American schools across the country mobilizing families and communities to get involved in children's education through the First Day of School America campaign.

Your Child's First Day At School
Whether your child is starting day care, nursery school or kindergarten, there are many simple things you can do to help prepare him or her for this new adventure.

About Your Child's First Day At School
KinderStart has an excellent article on how to make the first day at school smooth.

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