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2004 Olympics

Canadian Team Results
Keep up=to-date with all the teams event results.

Athens 2004
This is the official site for the 2004 Olympics from Athens, Greece. The complete schedule is here.

Olympics, Athens 2004
Time line, traditions, symbols, facts, memorable moments, quizzes, crosswords and more.

US Olympic Team
Find out who is on the team and how they are preparing. You will be able to learn the results here too.

At this site you can watch a movie then take an interactive quiz about the history of the Olympics.

The Real Story of The Ancient Olympics
A great comparison of ancient games and reasoning and todays Olympics.

Canadian Olympic Committee
Find out who is on the team and how they are preparing. You will be able to learn the results here too.

Athens 2004 Summer Olympics For Kids
Follow team Chevron! Read athletes diaries, see photos of the athletes, play a world flag game.

Olympic Search-A-Words
Complete all three games from The Youth Online Club.

Make Medals
The folks at Kids Domain have a great craft project for you. Create your own medals using frozen juice can lids.

Gold Medals
Another great project from Kids Domain.

Make your Own Olympics
Family Crafts Guide, Sherri Osborn offers a great site on how to make your very own Olympic Events!

Ancient Olympic Cyberhunt
CAn you find all the items on this list? A fun way to learn history.

Sports Illustrated For Kids
Everything you need to know about every sport from Archery to Wrestling.

Scholastic Cyberhunt
Try this cool cyberhunt about the Olympics from Scholastic Learning.

Olympic Cybergym
See if you have what it takes to be in the Olympics. It takes a steady hand, patience, and quick reflexes to pass these tests of endurance.

Olympic Museum
Take a virtual tour of past and current Olympics at this online museum.

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