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Special Needs Kids

Back to School for Kids With Special Needs
A comprehensive look at making school transitions easier for kids with special needs.

Pre-School Special Needs Service
Supporting the learning of babies and young children at home by developing play and learning activities in partnership with parents and carers.

Education Guardian
A great list of resources covering all age groups. From the UK.

Inclusive Learning Environments for Students With Special Needs
Inclusion considers that all students are full members of the school community and are entitled to the opportunities and responsibilities that are available to all students in the school. Learn how to do it.

Teaching Resources
Resources gathered from a special needs educator. Categories include physical disabilities, hear and vision impairments, ADD, behaviour, gifted and more.

Special Needs Transportation
This website is devoted to the to-and-from school transportation of children with disabilities and special needs.

What Parents Need to Know
Services in school for kids with special needs.

Special Education Needs
Removing Barriers to Achievement sets out the Government's vision for giving children with special educational needs and disabilities the opportunity to succeed.

Special Needs
Whether a student is gifted and talented or has mild/moderate or severe needs, specialized learning programs provide the unique educational opportunities they need to reach their potential. Canadian

Special Needs Schools
The Council's Policy for Special Educational Needs and SEN Strategic Plan sets out the principles and arrangements to ensure that children's special educational needs are met. UK

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