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A Guide To The Business Of Babysitting
A fantastic site that tells you how to conduct a successful business by knowing your stuff. Topics include, "Doing Business", "Ages and Stages", "Caring for Kids" and "Creating Your Own Flyer".

Babysitting Basics
Some good babysitting tips for young sitters.

Baby Sitting Class
A complete online course for kids to take offering a certificate upon completion. Just $17.95 and used by Girl Guides of America.

Babysitting Handbook
The Youth Online Club's own babysitting page complete with essentials, scribble pads, messages pads, activities, snacks and games.

Babysitting Tips
Includes information on advertising, games to play with the children, recipes and mother's helper information.

Tips for making more money, along with ideas for getting kids to behave, keeping them entertained, and providing first aid.

SoYouWanna Baby-sit An Infant
Information on holding a baby, feeding, changing, bathing and putting an infant to bed.

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