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Animal Poison Control Center
Information on, Poison-Proof Your Home, What To Do For A Poisoned Animal, Photo Tours, Toxic Plants (in .pdf), Non-toxic Plants (in .pdf) and EPA's "Read the Label First" (in .pdf)

Arcata Pets
Pet toys for Dogs, Cats, Ferret, Birds, Fish, Small Animals & Reptiles.

Canine and Feline Recipes
A good assortment of recipes for the hold hold pet.

Well-established online pet store offers pet toys, treats and a good inventory of supplies.

Choosing A Christmas Pet
A great site that tells you all you need to know about choosing a pet as a gift. Read this BEFORE you buy.

Christmas Pets?
Is the giving of a pet as a present a good idea for your family? Be sure BEFORE you get an animal to give as a gift.

Doggie Connection
Over 140 Recipes for dog food. Cook some homemade meals, treats or dog bones and cookies for your dog today.

DogToys.com Best Of The Net
Well-established online pet store offers pet toys, treats and a good inventory of supplies. Great stocking stuffers starting at .99¢

Toys for all kinds of pets! Ships only to certain locations in the US.

Four Legs and A Tail
Pets supplies for dogs, cats, rabbits and horses!

Fido's Toys
Great holiday gifts for dogs and cats.

Good Dog Express
Have a pet with an allergy? Are you concerned about your pet's health? This site offers health supplies and gifts.

Hamster Care
If this site doesn't have what you are looking for, it doesn't exist!

Kitty City
A wide array of pet supplies for the kitty cat. I LOVE the bowls and cat costumes.

Kong Pet Toys
Kong Companies official site. Tells you all about their products and how to pick the right one for your animal.

Pet Toys
Yahoo has a few pet toys for sale.

A good suuply of products for dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles, small pets and more!

Postiviely Pets
Commercial site selling pet recipe books. Very reasonably priced.

Seasonal Pet Safety Tips
Covers summer, 4th of July, winter, holidays and halloween.

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