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An Introduction to Writing Systems
"Modern writing systems have come a long way since cave dwellers first created cave drawings using charcoal and mud. But from those primitive methods, just how did we arrive at the modern writing instruments we use today?"

Do you have a project due on communication through the years? This is the site for you.

Ask Miss Grammar
"Do you have a question about style, grammar, or mechanics? Find the answer in the Good Grammar, Good Style Archive more than 100 pages of useful articles and frequently asked questions!"

Author Online
Award-winning Children's author, Aaron Shepherd offers resources to help the young the writer.

A FairyTaleClassics collection of classic Grimms fairy tales and other favorite fairy tales and stories.

Running an arts camp for kids in the Niagara area of Canada. They are one of the only summer camps to run Residential Creative Writing Camps.

Common Errors in English
Contains a HUGE list of common errors made in writing. Now there is no excuse to make these errors!

Creative Writing for Teens
About.com offers a wealth of resources, links, articles and more on writing.

Creative Writing Tips
Starting Out, Ideas, Characters, Plot and Structure, Viewpoints, Dialogue and Style.

Fairy Tales Writing
Retell a familiar tale with pizzazz and modern language!

Folktale Writing With Alma Flor Ada
Alma Flor Ada shares tips, challenges, and guidelines to help you write your own folktales.

Submit your writing to inward i, a new online prose journal. They will publish it as the site!

Journal Writing
Tips to help you with journal writing skills.

Mystery Writing With Joan Lowery Nixon
Interested in writing mysteries? Joan tells you how.

Myth Writing With Jane Yolan
If you are interested in writing myths, this is the site that will help you get it right.

News Writing With Scholastic Editors
Working on your schools newsletter? Be the best news writer you can be.

Poetry Writing
Getting started on the right foot with this poetry writing tutorial.

"In StoryTeller, you are the author. You can contribute a story yourself or read the many stories written by children from around the world."

Write a Book Review With Rodman Philbrick
Get a great mark on your next book review assignment!

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