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Current Dinosaur News
The Learning Network keeps you up-to-date on the lates new on dinosaurs. See the discoveries as they happen!

Dinosaur Eggs
Hunt dino eggs around the world. Hatch them to see how embryos are exposed by researchers. See a model of how the embryos might have looked. And visit the museum to learn more about dinosaur babies and parents.

Dinosaur Floor
There are many theories behind the disappearance of the dinosaurs. This site takes a look at the theories.

Dinosaur Master Quest
This is a fantastic site with great graphics and sounds. A must see for kids who want to learn about dinosaurs in a fun and interactive environment.

Dinosaur Time Machine
Dinosaur facts, games, dinosaur footprint pictures, dinosaur ecards, dinosaur coloring pages, and more.

Dinosaur Provincial Park
Located in Patricia, Alberta Canada. One of the best!

Dinosaur Theme Unit
What a great site! Eveything you need to carry out a dinosaur theme day at school or daycare.

Berkley provides a great site that dispells the myths surrounding dinosaurs. find out if what you know is fact or myth.

It's easy to make paper dinosaurs from this site! All you have to do is print out these images then cut and paste them!

Royal Tyrrell Museum
Take a virtual tour of the Alberta, Canada museum.

Rulers Before Dinosaurs
Before dinosaurs ruled the world, there were various reptiles that resembled dinosaurs. Find out what there were.

They Weren't Alone
You know about dinosaurs, now learn about the animals, insects and plants that lived with them!

Walking With Dinosaurs
If you wren't able to see this BBS program, check out their site. It's fantastic!

Walking With Dinosaurs
The Discovery Channels program all about dinosaurs.

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