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The Bell Witch
Information source for the Bell Witch that haunted rural Tennessee in the early 1800s.

Chillingham Castle
The Most Haunted of All Castles, in Northumberland, North East England. More Chillingham

Ghost Photographs
Photographs of actual ghosts. Do you believe?

Ghost Source
This is the ghost source capital of the Internet. Interesting site.

Ghost Stories
Thirty three ghost stories and growing. From The Youth Online Club.

Ghostly Pictures
Brings a chill to you. Great pictures from the world beyond.

Glamis Castle
Vampires, ghosts and potergeists. Now that's a cool castle!

From FOX network. Scary stuff.

Linda Linn's Kentucky Home and Ghost Stories
Ghost stories from Kentucky and Tennessee.

London Ghost Walk
I have been on this walk in London, England and it is wonderful!

Pirate Ghosts
Read how and why some of the most feared pirates of all time are coming back to life! From Discovery Online.

Scariest Places On Earth
A very scary program. I watch it all the time. Somtimes I can't sleep after.

The Shadowlands
Over 4300 true ghost stories. You can find a great campfire story here.

Stories For Scouts
Four ghost stories suitable for telling around the campfire.

Willard Library
Is Willard Library haunted? Check out the Ghost cams and you tell me.

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