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Purchase costumes from YOC.

Costume Idea Zone
Creative, fun and easy costumes! Add your own ideas to the site.

Costume Ideas for Groups
If you are going out trick or treating with group this year, why not have a theme!! Fruit of the Loom, Scooby Doo Gang, Gilligan's Island, The Pink Ladies (from Grease), A Place Setting, The Cast of Angel and more. Warning; Some costume ideas are not suited to younger children

Costumes and Masks
Has a lot of costume ideas ranging from era costumes (1950's-1980's) to traditional (vampire, monster, etc). Lots of famous characters too (Austin Powers, Britany Spears, Felicity, etc).

Costumes For Halloween and Pretend Play
Kids Domain costume ideas for Halloween or pretend play.

Costumes for Kidlings
Lists seven costume ideas. Monkey, Spider Baby, My Fair Lady, Starfleet, Wolverine, Charmander and Cow.

Danny's Trix and Kix
A commercial site where you can purchase halloween costumes. Ranges from reasonable to expensive rates.

Family Fun Crazy Costumes
The folks at FamilyFun have some great costume ideas. Airplane, bird's nest, fly, king tut, Mr. Rattles, spaghetti and meatballs, sunflowers and more.

Halloween Costume Closet
A few good ideas. 50's Glamor Doll, Angel, Carrot, Baseball, simple cape and hood patterns as well. Requires sewing.

Halloween Costume Ideas
A fabulous site with awesome costume ideas! Soda Pop Can, Static Cling, Mother Nature, Skunk, Snowman, Black Eyed Pea, Blooming Idiot, Basket of Laundry and a whole lot more!

Halloween Costumes and Free Ideas
A small list of ideas from The Holiday Spot. Television, money tree, Jack-In-the-Box and more.

Halloween Costumes For Kids In Wheelchairs
What a fantastic site! Be a King, cowpoke, Aladdin, Superman, punk rock drummer, George of the Jungle, Bulldozer, chef and more.

Halloween Costumes, Masks and Decorations Superstore
A commercial site offering an array of costumes for kids of all ages. The costumes look amazing.

Halloween Costumes That Won't Scare Your Budget
Costumes that are creative and cheap to make. Ghost, Hobo, clown, Rock Star, Hippie and more.

Halloween Shop
Halloween Costumes: HalloweenShop.com offers a large assortment of Halloween costumes for adults, teens, kids, babies and even pets. Themed costumes, masks, and couples costumes make our selection the best around.

A commercial site where you can purchase the coolest of the cool contact lens'. alien, bloodshot, cat's eye, hypnotic, red hot, white out, wildfire, zoomin, starry eyed and pool shark. - $59.95

Magic Tricks Costume Ideas
I really like the "Store" costume idea. Try being a bulletin board, breath of fresh air or Waldo. Other ideas available.

Pet Costumes
Plan of taking your pets out this Halloween, try dressing them up! Commercial web site.

Southern Maryland Halloween Costume Ideas
Southern Maryland Online has a few costume ideas. Bunch of grapes, junk drawer and more.

Unique and Unusual Costume Ideas
You can be a lightning victim, devilled egg, Leggo my Eggo, alien host, software pirate, half asleep/half awake, caesar salad and more. Warning; Some costume ideas are not suited to younger children

Vamp Halloween
Thinking of dressing up as a vampire for Halloween? This site gives you all the tips and tricks for doing it right.

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