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Billy Bear's Hanukkah
Lots of games, crafts, activities, coloring pages, screen savers and more for kids.

Chanukah Games
Five games for the holiday including a quiz!

The Chanukah House
Make your very own Chanukah house! Drag and drop the hebrew words onto the screen and create the house.

Chanukah On The Net
History, The Menorah, The Dreidel, music, recipes, stamps, greeting cards and more.

Chanukah Time
History, eCards, crafts, clip art, games, puzzles, mazes, icons, coloring pages and more.

History, songs, poems, games, quick notes and certificates, crafts and more.

Happy Chanukah
Quiz game, match game, puzzles, word search, activities, eCards and a screen saver.

Torah Tots
A site for Jewish children (or kids wanting to learn about Chanukah). Games, puzzles, spin the dreidel, coloring pages, greeting cards and relaxing music.

Virtual Chanukah
Share a Mitzvah, insights, history, how to's, tales of light, recipes, games, multimedia and more.

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