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The Boy Who Lived
Unofficial guide site to Harry Potter in the United Kingdom (UK).

Harry Potter Around The World
This site shows jacket art and first pages of the first book in the Harry Potter series, as it's been published in more than 30 nations to date.

Harry Potter Books from Bloomsbury
Muggles and more! All about Harry Potter books.

Harry Potter Games
Play some online games at The Youth Online Club

Harry Potter Lexicon
This is the ultimate Harry Potter reference site.

Harry Potter Message Board
A very active board. Categories include General, books, movies, Diagon Alley, Miscellaneous, Hogwarts. Says it's moderated but still use caution.

Harry Potter Network
Lots of current news, information and resources at this site.

Harry Potter Quiddich Games
Think you can play quiddich? Check out this interactive game and learn to play.

Harry Potter RPG
A great online roll playing game. Very thorough. For kids who are 13 and up. They say younger can play but may have a hard time.

Harry Potter Scholastic
Harry Potter contests, books and more at the Scholastic book site.

Harry Potter Trivia
Test your Harry Potter knowledge at this site. Not easy at all!!

Harry Potter Wizard Challenge
How many trivia questions can you get right? After you play, add a question of your own to the game.

Harry Potter Wizard Store
This store located in Santa Monica California offers everything Harry Potter!!

Harry Potter's World Of Magic Theme Park
It was only a matter of time. Rates look reasonable. Talk to mom and dad about it.

Seven online Harry Potter games to play and rate.

Kids Read Presents Harry Potter
A who's who and what's what site.

A huge site with lots of resources. News, movies, games, books, information, multi-media and more.

Official Harry Potter Web Site
Get the latest news, movie trailers, and information. Lots more to see and do here. A fantastic site.

The Unofficial Harry Potter Fan Club
A group of serious fans give you the low-down on everything Harry Potter.

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