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BBC History For Kids
A look at history in the United Kingdom and around the world. Directed towards younger children.

FirstGov for Kids
Index os US history sites. Very bright and busy background.

The Great Canadian History Page
Canada is rich in history. Learn all about Canada through the years.

The History Channel
Do you really need to go anywhere else? This site has everything!

History Matters
Directed towards high school and college teachers. An in-depth look at American history.

The History Net
From About.com. Offers resources, links and articles about various aspects of history.

History of Inventions
A great timeline of inventions throughout history. Easy to surf and understand.

The History Place
Topics include American Revolution, US Civil War, 20th Century Topics, World War II, Vietnam and more.

Kids History
"A place for kids to explore and learn about American History".

National Women's History Project
Recognizing and celebrating women's accomplishments throughout our history.

PBS History
Topics include; ancient world, biographies, United States, was and espionage, world and more. An in-depth history site.

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