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Canadian Homeschooling
An excellent resource divided into various categories. National, provincial, online, publications and more.

Leaping From The Box
Articles and resources to assist home educators and homeschoolers who desire to move beyond the "cookie-cutter box" mentality.

Google Regional Resources
Homeschooling resources online for Canadian homes.

Homeschooling Tips For Christians
Tips and how to's from a Christian based perspective.

Homeschool Resources & Information
Listing magazines, organizations, curriculum and a lot more.

Homeschool Tips
Homeschooling tips for people from Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Pan-Canadian and Western Canada.

Homeschooling Library
Discipline, organization and scheduling tips.

Homeschooling - Tips on creating effective unit studies
While excellent unit studies can be purchased from several sources, parents can generate their own quality unit studies for a fraction of what many cost.

How To Homeschool
FamilyEdcation.com helps you decide if homeschooling is right for you. And, if so, how to go about doing it.

A to Z Home's Cool Homeschooling
Covering all age groups and topics. A great resource.

American Homeschool Association
Information and resources for homeschooling in the USA.

Another Path
A comprehensive guide to homeschooling for parents who are considering homeschooling, or who have decided to homeschool, a deaf or hard of hearing child.

Homeschooling Teens - College
Targetting students from 11-18 years of age.

Homeschooling Magazine
Free online newsletters, discussion boards, a networking list, and selections from the magazine, including articles, interviews, columnists, resources, reviews and more

Homeschooling Central
USA homeschooling listing for support and guidance.

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