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Igloos are a lot warmer than you think. When we make an igloo and have a sleep-over, we sleep in our regular pyjamas and are as snug as a bug in a rug. Sleeping in an igloo is a great experience for kids. It teaches you all about survival. Build on this winter and invite your friends to hang out with you.

Build An Igloo
Did you know an igloo can withstand hurricane force winds? The people from pbs say so and they tell you how to build a strong igloo.

A commericl site that sells kits for making igloos. Reasonable prices!

How To Build An Igloo
You know the people at GORP know how to do things right on the wilderness. Check out their site on igloo building.

How To Build An Igloo
A text only page that tells you how to build an igloo.

How To Make An Igloo
This is a reprint from "The Complete Wilderness Training Guide". Five easy steps.

Igloo Builders Guide
Teo guys took pictures while they built an igloo they slept in for two nights. Learn how you can do it too. It will take between 3-6 hours to make.

Keeping An Igloo Warm
Wonder why an igloo is so cozy? The people at Ask A Scientist give you the answer.

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