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Email Writing Tips
Read these simple tips and tricks for successful email exchange.

Snail Mail Writing Tips
Years of successful snail mail exchange tips and tricks for you. Also, find out what you can send cheaply through the mail.

Pen Pals Form Letters
Fill in the blanks of these form letters, cut-and-paste them in an email and send them off to your pen pal friends. What could be easier?

Topics To Write About
Don't know what to say to your new friend? Here are 70 topics to chose from when writing your letters.

English Plus teaches you how to properly address a letter.

Ask Miss Grammar
Submit questions about grammar to Miss Grammar and read through their frequently asked questions.

Creative Writing For Kids
About.com Guide Diane Dobbs offers kids an abundance of resources, links, features and more on writing.

Designing Bad News Letters
Hopefully you will never have to do this. But if you do, Washburn University Writing Center tells you how.

Friendly Letter Format
Do you know how to format your letters properly? I learned something new here too!

FastFax: Improving your Punctuation
The university of guelph has some useful tutorials on how to punctuate properly.

Grammar and Style Notes
Jack Lynch answers all your grammar questions.

Hints On Letter Writing
The International Youth Service has a few suggestions for pen pals everywhere.

Letter Writing Lessons
ProTeacher provides lesson plans for elementary school teachers. Helpful resource.

Letter Writing Tips
Global response teaches you how to write an effective environmental response letter.

Sentence Structure
Sentence structure from Washburn University Writing Center.

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