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Infoplease Atlas
This is the best site I have seen for kids to research cities. Choose a country, click on a city name, click on the cities profile and you will get a picture of their flag, geography, government and history. Bookmark it.

Map Quest
Interactive maps for the world. Type in city name, country then click "search"

Matt Rosenberg's Online Atlas
From your About.com Guide to Geography. Includes alphabetical list of countries/continents or countries organized by continent and region.

A great map site! Choose a country and then an area. You will all the surrounding villages, towns and cities.

NGDC Interactive Map Services
Images of Global Ecosystems, Marine Sediment, Paleoclimatology, Satellite Data & Applications, Snow and Ice, Thermal Springs.

Physical Maps
National Geographic Society physical maps of continents and oceans.

This Dynamic Planet
This is an Adobe Acrobat Reader world map file which is truly exquisite.

Quick World Maps
"Small GIF maps of the countries of the world, added to this site, one at a time, in order of demand"

View From Above
Satellite photos of the earth with boundaries and place names added.

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