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Bernie Bucks
You can buy this storybook and software to help your kids learn about money.

CIBC Smart Start Program
The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce page introducing kids to their Smart Start program.

Create a Budget
"When children as young as age nine use a simple budget like this, they begin to understand the concepts of income and expenses."

Interactive finance site for kids.

Escape from Knab
A fun online game that teaches kids about money. Can you save enough to buy a ticket home and off Knab?

Fleet Kids
Interactive games to help you learn the importance of money and how to manage it.

h.i.p Pocket Change
The US Mint site for kids. Offers games and cartoons to help you learn about coins. Lots of fun.

Investing For Kids
ThinkQuest offers Good information and resources to help you understand the importance of saving and investing.

Kids Allowances
The pros and cons of getting an allowance. Do you think you should have one?

Kids and money Online
This site teaches kids about saving, sharing and spending money wisely.

Kids and money
CNN shares lessons and resources to teach kids about money.

Kids Bank
A fun site for kids to learn about money and banking.

Kids money
Learn about money management and financial responsibilities.

Making Allowances Kids Zone
Ideas on how you can make money or earn an allowance. You can even play a game or enter a contest.

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