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Beej's Pirate Image Archive
Images of pirates, battles, ships, punishment, pirate fun, documents and maps.

The Canadian Privateering Homepage
In Canada's past privateers were an accepted and respected way of waging war, and often the only means of defence for isolated Canadian communities.

Captain Cutlass's Pirate Page
Offers buccaneer ship images and information, pirate biographies, Jolly Rogers, movie list, sea wenches, music, and links.

Girl Pirates On High Seas
Sara Lorimer talks about female pirates.

Jolly Roger
Actual jolly rogers of pirates.

List of Women Pirates
There were more female pirates than you may think. There were quite a few Privateers too.

Pirate Ghosts
From the Discovery Channel. Find out what divers are discovering on sunken pirate ships.

Pirate Riddles of the Seven Seas
Nine riddles with answers. Had to think about a couple of them.

Lots of pirate fun right here at The Youth Online Club.

National Geographic takes a look at pirates. Take Blackbeards challenge or walk the plank!

Pirates; Facts and Legend
There is a lot of information about pirates that I bet you never knew. They were democratic!

Pirates of the Whydah
After exploriong the wreck of the pirate ship Whydah, new discoveries have been made about pirate life.

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