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All About Poppies
The Legion tells you everything you want to know about poppies.

Books Of Remembrance
A list of brave Canadians who died fighting in wars to keep peace and give freedom.

Get song lyrics and poems for this holiday, including In Flander's Fields.

Courage Remembered
This site brings to life the role Canadian soldiers played in the First and Second World Wars. There are personal memoirs, photography and art work included.

In Flanders Fields
Remembrance day history, culture and heros.

Resources For Remembrance Day
The Queen's Library offers an extensive list of books available on the subject.

Remembrance Day
CBC.ca Kids recites In Flanders Fields, offers a war time line, war stories, the significance of poppies, a book "Too Young To Fight" and more.

Remembrance Day
Read about the history of this holiday and learn why it is important to Canadians. Listen to a midi file of "The Last Post" or a wav file of "Taps".

Remembrance Day Tradition
The Australian War Memorial answer the questions What is Remembrance Day? And, Why is this day so special to Australians? The site also talk about the Remembrance Day ceremony.

The Story of Remembrance
Learn the importance of Remembrance Day, why we wear a poppy and get some teaching ideas for ages 6-15.

Veterans Affairs Canada
You will find Books of Remembrance here, songs that were popular during war time, information on WWI and WWII and so much more on the history of war and Remembrance Day.

Veterans Week
Visit Canada's youth site that honours veterans and tells about Remembrance Day on November 11th. Includes postcards for peace plus activities for kids.

We Remember
From the Dominion Institute and CBC Newsworld to help young people understand the contributions veterans made to the Canadian ideals of democracy and freedom.

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