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ARS Science For Kids
Have a science fair coming up? Check out this site.

Ask Dr. Universe
Do you have a science question? Ask Dr. Universe.

Ask a Scientist
Real scientists are waiting to answer your questions. Very exciting.

Biology For Kids
Learn about cells, studies and methods, microbes, plants, invertebrates and vertebrates.

Chemistry For Kids
Learn about matter, atoms, elements, reactions, biochemistry and ET cetera.

Explore Science
Award winning science activities. Some activities are complex and difficult. Teaches you a lot though.

Extreme Science
All I can say is WOW. A great science site. Very interesting.

Geography For Kids
Learn about energy, sky, land, earth, water and climates.

How Stuff Works
Ever wonder how an aircraft carrier or gameboy works? This site tells you all about it.

Mad Scientist Network
Strange and unusual science questions are answered by cool scientists.

Physics For Kids
Learn about motion, thermodynamics, light, modern physics, electricity and magnetism.

Reef Education
Unlock the mysteries of the complex reef communities.

Science for Families
All the resources, informative articles, projects that you need! A must see site.

Science Made Simple
Get fun science projects & great experiments using household materials.

Secrets Of The Ocean Realm
A fantastic site about all this aquatic.

Shark Cam
With the Discovery Channel's Shark cam you can watch the activities of sharks from the safety of your computer.

Shark Fast Facts
Family Education Network give you have few facts about sharks.

Thinking Fountain
Experiments galore for kids to understand the world around them and how things work.

Easy to understand information about nature's most violent wind.

Volcano Information Center
Everything you need to know about a volcano.

West Virginia LightningAll you wanted to know about lightning and more. Whales
About.com has a lot of informative links to whale resources.

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