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Star Watching

A Mystery Of Space
Planetarium shows constellations and stars in the night sky. See animations showing the life of a star and a supernova.

Astronomy For Kids
Sky maps, planets, sky wonders, constellations and a beginners guide to Astronomy.

Build Your Own Telescope
Exploratorium Magazine tells you how to build your own telescope for star watching this summer.

CleverMedia - The Constellations
A very cool site using shockwave to show you how the constellations look in the night sky.

Constellation Mythology
Learn about the mythology and history of all the Constellations.

Discovery Home Star Theater with Video
Transform your room into a 360-degree space planetarium. Watch as hundreds of stars and constellations are projected onto your ceiling and walls. Listen as you are taken on an exciting audio tour of the night sky.

DiscoverySchool - Sky Watch
Learn all about celestial navigation, get cool tips for observing the sky, look up the Astro lingo and make your own planisphere. Lots more.

Famous Astronomers
Tycho Brahe, Nicholas Copernicus, Johannes Kepler, and Claudius Ptolemy are just a few of the great astronomers profiled here.

Sky Map
You can view the sky as seen from various cities around the globe by clicking on the name of a nearby city.

Space Telescopes
Visit this source of information about space and telescopes, including NASA's space shuttles, space stations, astronomy, the Hubble telescope, and Ngst news.

The Stars
Enchanted Learning has a good site with information on stars, constellations, solar systems and much more.

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