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Avoiding Goofing Up On Tests
Over confidence and having poor attitudes are just a few of the reasons why people goof up on tests.

Doing Homework With Friends
Doing homework with a friend or two can be successful. Learn how.

How To Listen Better
One of the greatest hurdles to get over. Better listening means better marks.

Math Study Skills
Directed specifically towards the study and learning of math.

Preparing To Study
There is more to studying than sitting down in front of the TV or Radio and reading a page or two.

Psych Up For Studying
Scientific reports on deadlines, procrastination and stress levels.

Study Guides and Strategies
This site is amazing. Information on preparing to learn, studying, classroom participation, reading skills, preparing for tests, taking tests, writing basics, math and science.

Study Habits and Test Anxiety
It's simple, improve your study habits and watch your stress level decrease. Learn how.

Study Skills
Focusing on taking notes, reading textbooks, before the test, studying in a group, ten tips for taking tests, after the test.

Study Skills
Provides information on how to improve study habits as well as how to study for certain topics.

Study Skills Checklist
The purpose of this inventory is to find out about your own study habits and attitudes.

Study Skills Self-Help Information
Virginia Tech offers a wealth of resources for learning how to study better. From taking better notes and listening, to improving reading speed.

Taking Notes In Class
Go from trying to decipher chicken scratch and scribbles, to organized and readable notes.

Ten Traps To Studying
Knowing is half the battle. Learn then 10 traps and learn how to avoid them.

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