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Mail A Meal
Send a simple or elaborate meal over the Internet.

OmniCity Virtual Gifts
People, sports, tools, cars, animals, transportation and more.

The Smiley Team
The gang at FunOne has designed these fantastic smiley faces for your to download and use as you please. Spread the smile to your friends today.

Teanie Beanie Babies
If your friend collects beanie babies than this is the site for you.

Virtual Candy Hearts
What a great virtual gift! Send someone special a heart shaped candy greeting.

Virtual Chocolate
If you have a female pen pal she will love receiving this gift in her email.

Virtual Fortune Cookie Machine
What does that cookie say your forune will be? Pick a cookie and find out!

Virtual Gift Horse
Many horse to choose from. You can even send someone horse poop!

Virtual Gifts 4 You
Send someone a movie star for Christmas. I'd love to see Bruce Willis in my email inbox!

Virtual Gifts Galore
Stuffed toys, chocolates, cakes, pets, games and more!

Pucker up and send someone a great big smooch!

The Virtual Pizza Server
Send your friend a virtual pizza with everything, including the kitchen sink on it.

Virtual Presents
Vacations, furniture, cars, jewelery, food, apparel, pets, flowers, tools, and much more.

Virtual Presents - Food
A great selection of food gifts to send to your friends.

Virtual Presents - Vacations
Send your friend on a virtual vacation

Virtual Snack Machine
All the popular name brands are here. Be prepared to get a snack attack in a BIG way!

Virtual Wedgie
This is way too funny. Send a friend a virtual wedgie.

Virtual Wishing Well
Send someone this address and let them make a wish in the wishing well.

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