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You will enjoy this site which places webcams at watering holes. Webcam refreshes every few minutes.

Antartica: A Virtual Tour
Information from the Center for Astrophysical Research in Antarctica. Includes a tour of McMurdo station, and the South Pole.

At The Tomb Of Tutankhamen
Take a virtual tour of the tomb of this young Egyptian King.

China Vista
Check out the virtual tours of the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, and more.

Durham Cathedral & Castle
One of Britian's most beautiful and historical monuments.

Gold Rush: California's Untold Stories
Take a virtual tour of the Gold Rush. A very interesting site with lots of facts.

The Great Wall Of China
The Great Wall stretches 1864 miles long. Take this virtual tour and save on sneakers!

Indian History: A Passage Through Time
A virtual tour that takes you through 5000 years of India's history.

Journey with CARE to Bolivia
Learn about Boliva's people and culture. A very exciting site.

Lincoln Park Zoo
Take a tour and see apes, rhinos, giraffes and more.

Maya Adventure
A virtual tour of ancient Mayan cities. Keep a log and see photos.

National Museum of Natural History
This museum displays treasures of nature and of humankind.

The Pyramids of Giza, Egypt
Pictures and history of the most famous monuments of ancient Egypt; the Pyramids of Giza.

Seattle Virtual Tour
Take a walk around Seattle and learn all there is to know about this city.

Seven Wonders Of The World
Do you know what the 7 wonders of the world are? Click here to find out.

South American Rainforest
Take video clip journey through South America's Rainforest and discover a magical place.

Tour Of The Titantic
The disney channel brings you a fantastic journey to the Titanic. A must see.

Tower Of London Virtual Tours
See the crown jewels and learn some very interesting history. Take the kids tour.

Virtual Christmas Tree Farm
Take a virtual tour of this Ontario, Canada tree farm to see pictures and get tons of facts about Christmas trees.

Virtual Hawaii
Take a tour of the various islands. Information, ground and air photos.

Virtual New Zealand
Take a tour of one of the most beautiful places in the world!

The Virtual Sun
Learn about flames on the Sun that are larger than ten earths, winds at 1000 mph, and how the earth will eventually be scorched by the Sun.

White House
Take a virtual tour of the White House. Complete listings of presidents, first ladies and children.

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