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Don't know what to say to your new friend?
Ran out of topics to talk about?
Here is an extensive list of topics
that you can safely talk to your
new friend about:

Family Life
Who makes up your family
What is like being a brother/sister/only child
Your family vacation
Your pets
Chores you are responsible for
Suburban or city life
Family traditions

Intimate Talk
Your dreams
What scares you
What makes you laugh
Your hopes for the future
Causes close to your heart
Tell each other about your spirituality (respect the differences)
How you feel about being young
What you would do with a million dollars
Your dream boy/girl friend
Boy/Girl friend troubles
Something that is bothering you
What it is like to live in your country
Where you would like to travel to in your lifetime

Personal Interests
Crazy Bones
A Sport you participate in
Sport news
Auto Racing
Your drivers test
Game tips and tricks
Playstation vs. Nintendo
What's in style
The rich and famous
Challenge each other to a game of acronyms
Create a club
Beauty secrets
Exercise tips
Your collections (stamps, cars, baseball cards)

Talk About School
Your favorite teacher
Your Favorite subject
Least favorite subject
How you take tests
School dances
Homework help
High School Life
College admissions
What do you want to be

Your favorite website
Share your Internet talents (HTML and graphics)
Future of the Internet
The funniest site you have seen
The worst site you have seen

Your Favorites
Favorite book
Favorite poem
Favorite band
Favorite recipe
Favorite drink
Favorite cartoon
Favorite color
Favorite quote
Favorite animal
Favorite comedian
Favorite vacation spot

Dragonball Z
Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Reality TV
The worst movie/TV show you ever saw
The best movie/TV show you ever saw
Best actor/actress
Favorite talk show
Write a sitcom about your countries coming together
Recent awards show
Research Star Trek trivia

Current Issues
The Olympics
News stories
The environment
Government change
Your job
Your adventure in trying to get a job

Summer Talk
Kite flying
Your favorite summer sport/activity
Email a copy of your summer camp diary
Summer time parties
Boating adventures
Fishing trips
Swim meets
Your vacation

Holiday Talk
Share a scary story
Christmas stories
Legends, folklore and magic
Share celebration ideas
Local holiday/celebration traditions
Talk about traditional costumes
Holiday/celebration foods/drinks
Exchange calendars with local holiday/celebration dates

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