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  1. Find out if you have permission to use the toaster, oven, stove and microwave. If not, don't use them.
  2. Keep emergency numbers by the phone.
  3. Don't cook when wearing shirts with long, baggy sleeves or with your hair hanging down in your face. You could catch on fire.
  4. Use pot holders (oven mitts) when handling hot pots, pans, dishes and preheated ovens.
  5. Steam burns. Be careful of escaping steam with lifting casserole or saucepan lids.
  6. Be very careful of boiling water and other boiling liquids. They can cause very serious burns. Get help from an adult with boiling things.
  7. Never heat a pan full of oil. Use very little oil at a time.
  8. Smother a pan fire by covering it with the pan lid. Do not lift a burning pan to try to move it, and DO NOT pour water over it.
  9. Never submerge an electrical appliance in water. If one accidentally lands in water, never reach in to remove it. Get an adult to deal with it.
  10. Never use appliances near the sink or other water sources.
  11. To clean an electrical appliance, unplug it first. Wipe the appliance with a damp sponge or cloth.
  12. Always use the proper size knife. Usually a paring knife or a small slicing knife will fill most needs. Never use a knife that is too big for the job you want to do.
  13. Pay attention to what you are doing. Look at what you are doing at all time.
  14. Never use a dull knife. Using a dull knife is more dangerous than using a sharp one.
  15. Keep knives away from counter edges where they may fall and stab you in the leg or foot.
  16. When you walk with a sharp knife, always keep the sharp end pointed down.

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