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If you want to have a hassle free time in chat, follow these simple guidelines for chatrooms. Most of these guidelines are nothing more than common sense and courtesy.

    Be courteous and kind to newbies (people new to a situation). Welcome these people to the chatroom. A simple, "Hello there ArticCat", can build confidence and open the lines of communication between you and a potential pen pal.

    Keep on topic. If the topic of the room is "Football Chat", don't go in and start chatting about some great recipes you have been trying.

    Use acronyms to keep your message short. This avoids a lot of scrolling to read messages.

    Be respectful. If you disagree with someone, tell them you see their point but you think differently.

    If you don't like a person because of their gender, culture, religion, sexual orientation, etc, keep it to yourself. No one wants to hear bigotry or hatred in a chatroom. If you cannot respect someone, then leave the room and find another place to chat.

    Do no interrupt another chatter. Let the chatter finish their story and then you can share yours.

    Never call someone names or start a verbal fight in a chatroom (better known as flaming).

    Don't follow someone around from chat room to chat room. Stalking is no more welcome in cyber-space than it is in real life.

    Never tell your pals secrets to anyone else. That is very rude. The only exception to this rule is if your pal told you they were abused or contemplating suicide. Then, and only then, should you tell the administrator in private.

    Don't yell in a chatroom. Yelling is done when TYPING IN ALL CAPS. It is also considered yelling when you increase the font size and/or use bold lettering.

    Don't use swears. There is no need to use an obscene word to get across your emotions. Use your emoticons for that.

    Don't use offensive or vulgar nicknames. This behaviour usually gets you kicked out of a chat and possibly banned from entering again. Offensive and vulgar nicknames includes race slur, religious slur, sex, private body parts and cultural slur.

    If you need to complain about another chatter to the administrator, don't use threats. For example, don't tell the administrator to kick out Bobbyland or you will leave the channel and take all your friends with you. If you use threats the administrator is most likely to ignore you or you may find yourself getting reprimanded along with Bobbyland.

    Don't go into a chatroom and try to get everyone to leave it and go into another one. That is very rude behaviour and will only get you kick out and banned from the room.

    If you are the channel operator, be sure you don't abuse your adminisrative powers. Don't kick people out 'just for fun' or ban someone because they 'rubbed you the wrong way'. Don't make people bow to you and kiss your feet either. You are there to keep order and enforce the rules, not to be worshipped. Administrative powers can be taken away easier than they are given.

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