Children's Internet Safety Pledge

The Internet can be a fun and exciting place, it can also be a frustrating and dangerous one. Make your experience online fun and safe. Show your parents/teachers how responsible and smart you are by printing out this pledge, saying it out loud to your parents/teachers, and sign it.


  • I will not give out personal information on the Internet.  My personal address, phone number, parent's work number, or any identifiable information are not to be shared with strangers.
  • I will not meet with someone I have met online.  I will discuss all conversations with my parents/teachers if someone keeps asking to meet with me.  If my parents/teachers agree to a meeting, it will be in a public place, with my parents present.
  • I will not send pictures of myself or my family to someone I just met in a chatroom, message board, etc.  I promise to check with my parents first before sending anything, since I cannot be sure that the person I am sending to is for real or not.
  • I will not download pictures or computer files from the internet. These files may have viruses and could be harmful to my computer.
  • I will not believe everything I read online. I will confirm facts to insure accuracy.
  • I will tell my parents/teachers immediately if someone makes me uncomfortable, or if I come across material that makes me uneasy.
  • I will set up and follow guidelines for being on the Internet with my parents/teachers.  We will agree to how much time I can be online, where I can go, etc. so that my parents/teachers can help me to be safe online.

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