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Dog Safety
Play it safe when playing with animals.

Follow these simple guidelines for Dog Safety.

  1. Never touch a dog with the owners permission.
  2. Never appraoch a dog that is tied up on a leash in a yard. These dogs are usually protecting their family and will attack you.
  3. Move slowly and act calm. Moving too quickly or being tense could make the dog nervous.
  4. Let the dog say hi to you first. Hold your hand out and allow them to sniff you.
  5. If you pet the dog and he backs away from you, don't follow him. Let him do his own thing. He will come to you when he is ready.
  6. Pet the dog gently, and never pull on him, squeeze him, or hit him.
  7. If a strange dog comes up to you, stand still and put your hands over your neck and face. Don't move or talk and he will eventually go away.
  8. Dogs do not share food, toys or treats well. If you see the dog with any of these things, leave him alone.
  9. If a dog is sleeping, leave him alone. You might startle him and he could snap at you.

Note: These rules apply when you are not familiar with a dog or when you are not the owner of the dog. I have a dalmation border collie who has been trained to allow anyone to play with him at anytime. He never bites or snaps when eating, playing or sleeping. You can train your dog to be this way too. You need to start from a puppy and be consistent.

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