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Fire Safety
Play it safe, don't play with fire.

Follow these simple guidelines for Fire Safety.

  1. Never put anything over a lamp, like clothes or a blanket, not even when playing.
  2. Donít touch radiators or heaters. Ask an adult to turn a heater on or off for you.
  3. Donít stand too close to the fireplace or a wood stove. You could get burned or your clothes could catch fire.
  4. Never touch matches, lighters, or candles. If you see matches or lighters in a room, tell an adult right away.
  5. Remind grown-ups to change smoke alarm batteries at least once a year.
  6. Donít play with electrical cords.
  7. Never stick anything into an electrical socket.
  8. Turn off lights, stereos, TVs and other electrical equipment when you are finished using them.
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