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Forum Safety
Kids guidelines for staying safe on Internet forums.

Staying safe online is the most important issue for kids and adults alike. Being safe is a lot easier than you may think because it deals strictly with common sense. Follow these simple guidelines and you will have a fun and safe time on the bulletin boards or forums.

Do not post your home address, telephone number, name of school, community organization or group you belong to, or any other revealing information about yourself.

Read my "How To" file about How To Avoid Getting Personal. It provides a list of tips and tricks on how to answer uncomfortable or potentially unsafe questions.

Do not talk about how ´hot´ you are. Don't talk about sex at all. It can lead to a very dangerous situation.

Don't offer to show someone your picture online. If someone finds out what city you live in, finding you with a picture will be easy. Pedophiles will also use your pictures in ways that would make you sick.

Get permission from your parents BEFORE using the message board. It is also a good idea to have them surf through the listings with you.

If you receive a strange email from someone, don't answer it. Instead, let your parents read it and they will let you know what to do next.

The most important thing to remember is to never agree to meet someone in real life without the knowledge AND accompaniment of your parents.

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