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Kitchen Safety
Play it safe while cooking and baking in the kitchen.

Follow these simple guidelines for Kitchen Safety.

  1. Don't leave cooking unattended. Stay in the kitchen when you have something cooking on the stove.
  2. Unplug your appliances and turn off the stove or oven as soon as you are finished with them
  3. Keep your appliances clean! Greasy appliances can catch fire. Clean as you go.
  4. Keep flamable objects clear of the stove. This includes tea towels, recipe cards or books, dish cloths and long flowing sleeves. Wear tight fitting sleeves to cook.
  5. Don't ever load outlets with too many appliances. They can short and cause a fire.
  6. Use oven mitts when removing hot things from microwaves, ovens and stove tops.
  7. Always turn your pot and pan handles inward. If they are leaning over the side of the stove they can be knocked down and seriously hurt someone.
  8. Never touch anything electrical with wet hands and do not use electric appliances near or in a sink.
  9. Sharp knives should be held by the handle with cutting edge away from you.
  10. Ask an adult if you need help.
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