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Instant Messenger Safety
Play it safe with your instant messenger programs.

Follow these simple guidelines for Instant Messenger Safety.

  1. When the program asks you to list your personal information, only fill in your first name, country you live in and your age. Nothing else.
  2. Never list your phone number oe email address under your personal information.
  3. Don't post a picture of yourself for all to see. Posting a picture will only allow predators to find you easier.
  4. If someone messages a nasty or distasteful message, ignore them. Add them to your ignore list. Instant messagers have the ability to ignore messages from users you add to a list.
  5. Don't add yourself to any "white pages" for your instant messenger. You are just setting yourself up for crazy people messenging you.
  6. Do not send your URL to people you have never talked to before. This is spam.
  7. Respect someone's privacy as you would like yours respected.
  8. Never agree to meet anyone in real life without your parents permission and accompanyment.
  9. Make sure that your parents know you are using an instant messenger program.
  10. Remember that your homework is important too. Don't spend all your time chatting.

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