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Pool Safety
Play it safe when you are swimming in the pool.

Follow these simple guidelines for Pool Safety.

  1. Always have an adult who knows how to swim, watching you play in the pool.
  2. Never swim alone. Always make sure you have a buddy.
  3. Don't throw people into the pool. They could hit their heads, break a bone or drown if they do not know how to swim
  4. No running around the pool. Pool areas are very slippery and you could fall and hit your head or break a bone.
  5. Find out the depths of the pool areas before you dive in.
  6. Do not fall asleep on rafts or other floating devices. you could fall off and drown.
  7. If you or someone you know cannot swim or cannot swim well, make sure a flotation device is used. Use a life preserver while in and out of the pool.
  8. Make sure that small children have on a life preserver when playing in a yard that has a pool. Children can and will fall in pools.
  9. Don't fill the pool with loads of toys. If someone is in trouble you will not be able to see them easily. Play with one or two toys at a time. Then switch them for other toys when you get bored.
  10. If you get a leg or stomach cramp, call out for help. Don't try to swim to the side yourself. No one will know you are in trouble unless you tell them.
  11. Post CPR instructions and the 911 emergency number in the pool area.
  12. Keep lifesaving equipment, such as a pole, life preserver and rope, in the pool area. Hang them from the fence so people won't trip on them.
  13. Have a phone handy to the pool area. Do not answer the phone while you are responsible for the people in the pool. Use the phone only to call 911 should a problem occur.
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