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Snail Mail Safety
Pen Pal tips and tricks for staying safe with snail mail pals.

Please follow these guidelines when dealing with snail mail pen pals. It is very important!

At Home

  • Get your parents permission before finding a snail mail pen pal.
  • Always let your parents know that you are sending snail mail to a new friend. It is a good idea to get your parents to mail letters for you.
  • Never eat any edible presents from your pen pals without getting your parents to check it out first.
  • If your pen pal sends you something inappropriate or makes your feel uncomfortable, tell your parents.
  • Never meet your snail mail friend without your parents permission and presence. It could be a matter of life or death.
  • Stop, think and be careful.
  • Don't give your friends at home your pen pals address without his/her permission.

    In Letters

  • It is a good idea to ask your parents to get a post office box number for you to use when mailing snail mail pals. This way, no one knows your home address.
  • Never give out your home phone number to a pen pal. If you want to talk to them on the phone, let your parents make the first call.
  • Don't give out your weekly schedule to your pal.
  • Never give out your parents credit card information to a pen pal.
  • Before you mail your letter, consider letting your parents read it first. They are the best judge of what is safe for you.

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