Teacher's Internet Safety Pledge

The Internet can be a fun and exciting place for your students and it can also be frustrating and dangerous for your them. Show them the importance of being safe on the Internet. Print out this pledge, say it out loud to your students, and have you and your students sign it.

  • I will monitor my students online. I will not let them loose without the supervision of a responsible adult.
  • I will communicate openly with my students. I will not avoid answering my student's questions on issues we find on the Internet together. I will make the students stronger by giving them knowledge.
  • I will teach my students how to use a search engine effectively. This will help to enhance my student's education as well as keep them safe.
  • I will set limits with my students on how long they can use the Internet. We will decided together on how many days a week and hours per day of Internet use.
  • I will use parental software. If I cannot be with all my students at the same, I will use the parental software to protect them from viewing inappropriate material.
  • I will pay attention to what my own Internet behaviours are teaching my students. I will not model inappropriate or dangerous online behaviour.

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