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Using 911
Save a life, know how to use 911 properly!

Follow these simple guidelines for Using 911.

  1. When you dial 911, you do it to ask for help from either the police, fire department or medical services.
  2. You should only call 911 in case of an EMERGENCY. Examples of emergencies:
    • Breathing difficulty or stopped breathing
    • Choking
    • Constant chest pain
    • Uncontrollable bleeding or large blood loss
    • Drowning
    • Electrocution
    • Drug overdose or poisoning
    • Gunshot wounds or stabbings
    • Vomiting blood
    • Sudden fainting/unconsciousness
    • Convulsions or seizures (uncontrolled jerking movements)
    • Severe allergic reaction
    • Major burns
    • Someone who will not wake up, even when you shake them.
    • SEVERE injuries from: Traffic accidents, Head Injury, Significant falls, Physical entrapment (i.e. a television set falling on your brother or sister and you cannot remove it)
  3. Speak calmly and clearly to the operator. Tell them what the emergency is, where you are located (address and phone number), how old the person who needs help is, are they conscious or unconscious and if they are breathing or not.
  4. Follow all instructions exactly as the operator tells them to you.
  5. Never hang up on the 911 operator until they hang up first. They all always give you instructions before they do this and reassure you that help will be there soon.
  6. How you can help before the emergency team arrive:
    • Reassure the person who is hurt. Tell them help is on the way. Comfort them without moving them!
    • Don't use the phone again. Keep the telephone line clear incase the emergency team needs to call you again.
    • If there is a pet in the room, put them someplace out of the way to keep them and the emergency team safe.
    • Make sure your front light is on so that the emergency team can see your house number clearly.
  7. Once the emergency teams arrive, get out of their way. They have a job to do and you can help them best by staying out of their way.
  8. Answer all their questions as honestly and clearly as you can. If you don't know an answer, tell them you don't know. If they ask you if mommy or daddy had been drinking or doing drugs and in your family that is a secret, you need to tell the emergency team the secret. This will help save your parents life. Same goes for friends.
  9. Now you can call your family and friends and get the emotional support you need from them. You have been through something scary and you need support. Ask your family or friends to meet you at the hospital.
  10. If you have nightmares or have been affected in some other negative way by the emergency, seek support from family and friends. Talk about your feelings and get help.
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