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Fall is a time of change and preparing for winter. It is also the season for celebrating Thanksgiving and Halloween! Keep warm and have fun this fall.

We all know fall is fast approaching when the school bell rings and we plop ourselves down at our desk and gaze at a blackboard full of new ideas and concepts to learn. But don't dispair! Fall is also a time of great celebration and fun. You get to stuff yourselves silly at Thanksgiving and scare your family and friends at Halloween.

This fall you can busy yourself picking apples or pumpkins. You would not believe how many things there are to do with them! Rake some leaves and put them in a decorative fall garbage bag and sit it on your front lawn. Or, find some colorful leaves to make crafts with.

Take a nature hike, go with your parents on a scenic drive or, take a hay ride. I live in Northern Ontario and fall is gorgeous here. The mountains are alive with beautiful colors.

Are you prepared for the school year? Celebrating the holidays this fall? Check out these pages...

I would like to wish you all a fun and safe fall season!

Fall Activities

Coloring Pages

Fall Clip Art

Pumpkin Recipes

Apple Recipes

Pumpkin Crafts

Apple Crafts

Leaf Crafts

Make A Scarecrow

Fall eCards

Fall Word Search


Sliding Puzzle

Jigsaw Puzzles

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