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Scarecrows make a great decoration for your lawn in the fall and on Halloween. They are fun to make and the sky is the limit when adding character to your scarecrow.

The first thing you need to do is find some old clothes you won't be needing anymore. You can use jeans, skirts, overalls, flannel shirts, blouse, sweat shirt, straw hats, ball caps, bonnets or other hats. Cut holes and fray material in pants and skirts or the elbows of sleeves. You can even add patches with wild and crazy fabric pattern patches to the clothes

Now you need to make the scarecrow's head. Make the head from a garbage bag, pumpkin, squash, a piece of fabric or an old ball. To make the face you can either draw one with a permanent marker or, cut face pieces from felt and glue them on the head. If you can sew you can even sew a face on fabric!

It's time to stuff the scarecrows body. You will need dry straw or hay or to this. Stuff the hay or straw into the clothes until you have the body image you want. You can have a thin, medium or fat scarecrow. It's up to you and the amount of straw you have to work with.

OK, now you need the help of an adult. You need to make a cross you can hang your scarecrow on. You need two pieces of wood, one a little longer (for the body) than the other (for the arms). Your parents can make the cross by hammering the two pieces of wood together to form a cross shape. Of course you don't have to do this part. If you want, you can have your scarecrow sitting. All you need to do is put him/her on a lawn chair or bench. Why not make a whole family of scarecrows?!

Add more character to your scarecrow by using corn stalks, jack-o-lanterns or plain pumpkins around the scarecrow. Sit the scarecrow on a bale of hay or put a pitchfork in it's hand. You can buy plastic ones at holiday stores. Use decorated garbage bags filled with leaves to set around the yard. Add a spotlight to your fall scene.

The sky is the limit when making a scarecrow. Try making ghost, monster, family or anything other type of scarecrow you might want!

Send me a picture of your scarecrow and/or decorated lawn and I will add a picture library to this page! Just send it to, yoclub@shaw.ca

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