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Spring is a time of rebirth. Have a great spring season this year!!

Lots of changes happen to our environment in the springtime. Rains fall and wash away all the dirt and grime of fall and winter. Rain helps prepare our soil for planting, flowers spring up and streams and rivers flow freely. Trees and shrubs that lay dormant in the winter spring to life with green leaves and small flowers or berries. There are spectacular lighting shows and a warmer breeze starts to flow.

This spring you can busy yourself cleaning up your yard or preparing flower beds and gardens for planting. Take some time and decorate some ceramic pots for planting beautiful flowers or vines. How about cleaning out your room and storage closet. You can have a garage sale to recycle these items. Visit garage sales yourself to find some great deals on cool stuff.

Spring is one of the best times to visit petting zoos, zoos and farms. There are always lots of baby animals to see and fawn over. Is there anything cuter than a brand new baby animal? I don't think so.

Celebrating the holidays this spring? Check out these pages...

I would like to wish you all a fun and safe spring season!

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