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Fun At The Beach

Having fun at the beach
is easy. All you need is a
pail, shovel and few other
things that fit in a beach bag.
Stay cool and have fun!

Fun At The Beach

A Birthday At The BeachThe people from FamilyFun have some great ideas to transform your backyard into a beach party! It's not as hard as you may think.

Beach Fun With OttyOtty has found lots of interesting things and wants you to show him where he found them. A great underwater adventure.

Beach GamesEverything Preschool has a list of over 20 games for kids to play on the beach.

Beach Safety Tips
Have an enjoyable and safe time at the beach.

Beach Songs
Ten songs to sing at the beach. A great way to pass the time away while building sand castles.

Beach Spot-It
A great beach game for kids of all ages. All you need is a pencil and piece of paper.

Beach Trip Checklist
Make sure you don't leave anything behind when packing for your day(s) at the beach.

Beachcombing Tips
Tips on how to find great treasures from the beach this summer!

Canine Summer Safety Tips
There's more time now to spend with your dog. Keep him/her safe this summer by educating yourself on Canine safety.

Classics at the Beach
Four classic beach games kids will love. Beach bowling, sand tic-tac-toe, hopscotch and darts.

Crafts for Beachcombers
Make some cool crafts with the things you find on the beach.

Footprints in the Sand
Capture that barefoot-on-the-beach feeling with this simple plaster-casting project.

Games With Sticks and Stones
All you need is a few stones and sticks to play these games on the beach.

Just The Facts
Everything you have always wanted to know about shells.

Kids In Boats
An important boating and safety educational resource for students, teachers and members of the boating community.

Sand Castle Central
Here you will find the tips and tools needed to make great sand castles. Take a look at the castles that have been made.

Sculpted Dune Buggy
You will have a great time making this Dune Buggy on the beach. A wonderful way to have fun in the sun.

Sea Shell Crafts
A great selection of sea shell crafts from About.com guide Sherri Osborn.

Shell Paintings
Don't know what to do with all the shells you collected this summer? Why not paint them!

Staying Safe In The Water
There are many dangers that come with cooling off in a lake, ocean or pool. Learn what they are and how to avoid them.

Surfing Safety
Before you grab your board this summer, read this article on keeping safe and how to get out of dangerous rips.

Understanding Clouds and Fog
Surprise your parents by knowing all the different types of clouds. Predict the weather for the day!

Water Squirtball
This is a one-on-one water showdown! Players win points by squirting a beach ball over an opponent's goal line.

What is Sand?
Learn what makes sand. A very in-depth look at sand.

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