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Growing A Garden

Plant a garden
in your backyard!
Grow fruits, vegetables,
plants or flowers.


A Family Science Garden
Create an environment for bees, butterflies, birds and beetles. An excellent site!

All About Plants
Created by kids for kids. This site has a good amount of information for young gardeners.

The Backyard Gardener
This site has an extensive list of resource material. Everything from alpine gardening to water gardening.

The Butterfly Web Site
Plan and plant your own garden that will attract butterflies to your yard. I love butterfly gardens, they are pretty.

Composting For Kids
A wonderful slide show presentation for kids to learn how to compost. A must see.

Composting Guide
A great site that tells you why to compost, what to compost, what not to compost and more.

Cool Beanz
About.com guide Deborah Simpson has a great list of resources for the young gardener.

Flower Gardens
Container gardening, planting flowers, growing tips, making use of the flowers you grow, American plants and more.

Garden Guides
Learn how to care properly for plants, flowers, vegetable and fruit plants.

Garden Theme
ChildFun has some great ideas for having a garden theme day or week!

Gardening For Kids
Tips, bulbs, planting, kid-friendly plants, flowers, flower combinations, plant facts and more.

This is a commercial site that lists gardening kits and products for kids and adults.

Give Water A Hand
Young people team up with educators, natural resource experts and committed community members to study water issues and take action to improve water conditions!

The Great Plant Escape
Help Detective Le Plant and his partners Bud and Sprout unlock the amazing mysteries of plant life.

Growing Sprouts
Growing a plant from a seedling is easy when you know how!

Kids Valley Web Garden
Planning, planting, keeping plants healthy, showing your plants, flowers, veggies, herbs, shrubs and more.

A wonderful online community of kids who want to beautify our world. Young gardeners unite!

National Gardening
Flowers and bulbs, fruits, vegetables, herbs and more. I really like the butterfly garden article.

Plants Database
Search by common name, scientific name or symbol. An extensive database with a wealth of information.

Sprouting At Home
Start your own vegetable garden right in your own kitchen. This site tells you how.

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