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Heat Exhaustion

Avoid getting seriously ill
this summer by staying cool.
Read the following resources for
professional advice.

Heat Exhaustion

Emergency First Aid
An excellent site. What is it, symptoms, how to treat it, what to ask and prevention.

Heat Illness
KidsHealth takes a look at heat illness in kids. What it is and what to do about it. Prevention methods are listed too.

Heat Stroke and Heat Exhaustion
Brought to you by DrugBase. What is it and how to treat it.

Kid Tips - Heat-Related Injuries
Heat cramps, exhaustion and stroke. What it is, what to do and how to avoid it.

Over-Heating and Sports
MomsTeam.com has the low-down on heat illnesses in relation to sports. Take a look and be safe this summer.

Pet Heat Illness
PetPlanet has some important information about your pets and heat this summer. Read this article if you own a pet that is either indoors or outdoors.

Prevent Cannine Heat Exhaustion
Our pets can get over heated very easily. Learn how to keep them cooled down and how to treat them when they get over heated.

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