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Up! Up! And Away!

Make a Kite
to play with at home,
camp, the park and the beach!
Sky's the Limit!

Making Kites

Charlie Charlton's Kite Site
Site includes plans for kite making, tips on decorating kites, and kite art gallery.

Dragon Kite
Complete these 5 steps to making this kite and you will have a cool dragon flying in the air!

How To Build A Kite
Large Plane Kite, Man-Lifting Kite, Box Kite, Tubular Kite, The Science of Kite Flying, Kite Parachute. Some of these are pretty advanced.

Jen Knows Kites
History, who flies kites, how do they fly a kite and how do you make one. Take a look at Jen's kites.

Kites and Kite Flying
Kite history, modern kites, and kite flying for beginners.

Get a great newsletter all about kites and kiting events.

Newspaper Kite
Make a kite out of newspaper. Easy instructiona complete with illustrations.

Professor Kite and the Secret of Kites
How to pick a good kite day, various kite shapes and what weather they fly best in, how to get your kite to fly, kite tricks and lots of hints! Great site.

The Virtual Kite Zoo
Everything you need to know about making and flying kites. An excellent site!

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