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7 Steps To
Building A

1. Gather all the things you will need to decorated your snowperson. Be sure to ask mom and dad if the items you choose are OK to use on the snowperson. Get old scarves, hats, vests, flannel shirts, straw brooms, pipes or other things. Grab some carrots, stones, very large buttons or pieces of coal.

2. Choose a day that is not too cold or wet. Make sure the snow on the ground is a bit sticky or you will have trouble rolling the snow. Dress warm to go outside and build your snowpeople. Get a few friends together and make it a party!

3. Once outside, gather more building materials. Sticks for arms, old shovels or push brooms, winter berries or pine needles to decorate the hat and clothes.

4. Make a good size snowball (about the size of a baseball). Put the snowball on the ground and start to roll it across the snow covered ground. Continue to roll it until it gets to be about the size of a table for two. Finish rolling this first ball where you want your snowperson to be located in your yard. This will be the bottom of your snowperson.

5. Start to roll a new ball of snow. But this time, make the ball a bit smaller than the first one. Place that ball on top of the first ball. You made need help with this! Pack some snow around the bottom of the second ball to secure it to the first one. Pat the snow firmly. This will be the upper body of your snowperson.

6. Start to roll a new ball of snow. But this time, make the ball a bit smaller than the second one. Place that ball on top of the second ball. You made need help with this! Pack some snow around the bottom of the third ball to secure it to the second one. Pat the snow firmly. This will be the head of your snowperson.

7. Now, you are ready to decorate your snowperson! Make a whole family if you want!

    A Few Suggestions...

  • Faces Nose - carrots, coal, button, stick, Mr Potato Head nose, etc. Eyes - buttons, small apples, coal, painted stones, craft googly eyes, etc. Mouth - stones, coal, buttons, wax lips, Mr. Potato Head mouth pieces, etc. Powered paints or dyes for make-up or other facial features.
  • Other Ideas - Mop heads, colored string or yard for hair. Old pair of boots or shoes at the bottom of the snowperson. Funky mittens/gloves on the end of sticks (secure these with elastic bands). Make a sign out of craft foam and have the snowperson hold it or string it around the neck. You can even put your sign on a stick and dig it into the ground beside your creation.
  • Snowman Use an old coat in masculine colors (blue, green or orange). Put a toque on his head and a very long scarf around his neck.
  • Snowwoman Use an old coat in a feminine colors (pink or purple). Make a muff out of old stuffed animals. Add some food coloring to her face for rosy cheeks and lips.
  • Snow teenager How about adding an old pair of headphones to a sterios made out of craft foam. Hip clothes. Maybe a beat-up snowboard or surfboard.
  • Snowbaby Use an old baby bonnet, pacifier (soother) and rattle. Scatter building blocks and other toys around the baby.
  • Snowgrandpa Use an old gold cap and flannel shirt. Grab a fishing rod and make a hole in the snow with a plastic fish hanging from the rod. Give grandpa a pipe.
  • Snowgrandma Use an old bonnet and apron to dress grannie in. Get a tinfoil cookie sheet and hot glue (get parents to do this) cookies made out of foam to the sheet. Put the cookie sheet in her hands. Or, let he hold an old handbag.
  • Sportsnowman Put a football helmet on his head. Throw a pair of old figure skates (laces tied together) over her shoulders. Add food coloring to her face for make-up. Put a golf club in his/her hand and add a cap to their head. How about a hockey player? All you need is an old helmet, hockey stick and puck. Maybe a beat-up jersey? How about a pair of broken glasses and an old chess board in his hand. Be creative, any sport will work!
  • Policesnowman Use old plastic guns and holders. The dollar store has plastic gun and badge sets you can use. Turn an old cap into a police hat.
  • Firesnowman Purchase a fireman's helmet at the dollar store. Make an axe out of craft foam and use an old hose to sling around his shoulders.
  • Dogwalker Snowman Decorate your snowperson anyway you want. Add a few leashes coming from it's hand and have stuffed dogs or cats at the end of the leash.

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