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1. Ask mom and dad to take you for a car ride in the evening when the sky is dark. Get the local newspaper and see if there are any articles about particular streets or houses that have a spectacular light show. Get everyone together and pack up for your drive.

2. Take along some hot chocolate, popcorn or other treat. Pack a blanket so you can be cozy in the back seat. Take along a camera to take pictures of houses that are decorated really well and of your family having fun together after the tour. You can make a nice scrapbook of your trip.

3. In the trunk of your car, take along a toboggan or sled. You can also pack ice skates. Always make sure you have an emergency roadside kit in your trunk. If the car breaks down, you will be thankful you have this.

4. Take a drive down busy merchant streets. The main shopping street of your city or town should be nicely decorated with holiday lights and decor. If the mall is still open, take a quick tour of the Christmas tree and holiday decorations inside.

5. Take a drive down residential streets and see how other people are decorating their homes for the holidays. Maybe you can pick up some tips and tricks for decorating your own home.

6. If you have time, take a drive in the country. Decorated houses set back from the road and surrounded by fields, hills and mountains of ice and snow are gorgeous.

7. After your tour, stop at a local hill and go tobogganing. Or, stop at a skating rink and go for a moonlight skate with the family. Maybe you can even arrange to have a hayride! What a perfect ending to a perfect night.

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